Amy Hooper


Amy has been working in criminal defence for over 12 years and, during that time, has worked on many high profile criminal matters such as murder, serious violence, drugs (importation, supplying, cultivation), kidnapping, terrorism, firearm offences, and many more. She regularly attends police stations when clients have been arrested.

Amy has a great work ethic and will always go that extra mile in terms of client care, building up an excellent rapport with clients and their families. She is well liked by clients and Counsel due to the work she puts into her cases, and indeed the outcomes she achieves.

Notable Cases

R v M – Chelmsford Crown Court – Murder / Aggravated Burglary (2020)

Represented one of 6 defendants accused of an aggravated burglary wherein a group of males forced their way into a property armed with baseball bats, knives, a metal pole and two chainsaws in order to steal drugs and money from the people inside. One of the victims was struck to his arms and legs, another had a knife put to his throat before being struck round the head with a baseball bat and kicked in the stomach, and the third was hit on the arms. Whilst the attacks were taking place, chainsaws were being revved throughout. A male died a week later, said to be as a result of a blow to the pancreas. CCTV evidence was provided and the prosecution relied upon the identification by a police officer who had known the defendant for a number of years. Defendant was found not guilty of both counts.

R v M – Kingston Crown Court – Firearms / Conspiracy to Supply Class A (2019)

Represented defendant accused of firearms offences wherein a Scorpion sub-machine gun and revolver, both of which were fully operational and found alongside over 60 rounds of live ammunition, were found at the defendant’s address. Also found were several kilograms of crack cocaine and heroin, and £55,000 in cash. This was part of a large-scale operation involving intensive police surveillance over a number of months prior to arrests taking place. Defendant was on life licence due to a shooting 8 years earlier and being subject to an IPP. Defendant found not guilty following trial.

R v H – Nottingham Crown Court – Conspiracy to Rob / Armed Robbery (2019)

Defendant accused of carrying out an armed robbery, the complainants alleged to have been tied up and threatened with acid and firearms.

The defendant’s DNA was found inside a pair of gloves which were to be used for the robbery that were bought en route to Nottingham on the first trip. Further, a mobile phone registered to him travelled to Nottingham from London on both days and was used during both trips and contacted all 3 co-defendants over a period of time leading up to the offence. All three co-defendants had already been convicted of the offence, each receiving prison sentences of 14-16 years. Defendant acquitted following trial.

R v S (& Others) – Harrow Crown Court – Conspiracy to Kidnap / GBH (2019)

Represented one of 9 defendants. The complainant in this matter had lost cocaine to the value of £500,000, and was subsequently taken to various locations across London over a 3 day period and subjected to torture and violence at each. Defendant acquitted following trial. All co-defendants were convicted and received lengthy sentences.

R v M – Central Criminal Court – Attempted Murder (2018)

Represented defendant, an inmate at HMP Wormwood Scrubs, accused of slashing another inmate twice in the neck causing life threatening injuries.

R v M (& Others) – Central Criminal Court – Murder / Robbery (2018)

Represented 18 year old accused of shooting of a Romanian National in Shepherd’s Bush. Said to be drug-related. The case involved complex legal issues in relation to a number of matters including the controversial hearsay evidence of a deceased eye witness. Following a 6-week trial defendant was unanimously acquitted of all charges.

R v H – Southwark Crown Court – Conspiracy to Supply Class A (2017)

Multi-handed drug importation case involving a widespread conspiracy to smuggle millions of pounds worth of heroin into the UK. The prosecution’s case was that this was a highly organised international criminal drug dealing operation, which was being planned and coordinated from Spain. The defendant was acquitted.

R v J – Isleworth Crown Court – Controlling Child Prostitute / Child Abduction / Rape (2017)

Represented one of three youths, defendant aged just 15, accused of abducting a 15 year old girl from her children’s home and forcing to prostitute herself against her will. Sole defendant to be acquitted following a 5 week trial.

R v T – Isleworth Crown Court – Firearms (2017)

Defendant accused of firearms offences in relation to a submachine gun found in a vehicle. The firearm was fully operational and found alongside working ammunition and a silencer. Spent cases were found in the vehicle along with large amounts of gunshot residue. Firearm had recently been discharged in the vehicle and the weapon itself was linked to a shooting in Hammersmith.

R v D – Isleworth Crown Court – Aggravated Burglary (2016)

Defendant alleged to have entered home and held a meat cleaver to the complainant’s throat to demand cash and drugs, before smashing up the flat. Acquitted after jury being out for less than 2 hours.

R v M – Guildford Crown Court – S.18 Wounding With Intent / Robbery (2016)

Defendant waited in stairwell of victim’s address (wrongly believed to have been a drug dealer). When victim entered, defendant produced large machete and stabbed complainant in bottom of the spine, and again in the thigh, causing life changing injuries. Guilty plea on day of trial due to clarity of newly served CCTV. 4 years custodial sentence – outside of guidelines.