Civil Litigation

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation and Civil Law, covers an extensive range of legal disputes between two or more parties regarding civil matters. Civil law as opposed to Criminal Law is used to resolve non-criminal disputes, including property disagreements, intellectual property rights and breaches of contract.

What Waterfords can do for you

Regrettably some of our clients find themselves in unenviable situations where they need urgent reassurance and legal guidance when having to defend themselves from civil litigation or needing to take legal action against someone. At Waterfords Solicitors we make it our business to provide this service.

We are here to assist clients involved in disputes whether they are public or private, civil or legal disputes. Our civil litigation solicitors team will help with practical advice be it through negotiation or the Civil, County or High Court. Our clients have found that having an experienced Civil Litigation Solicitor supporting them can make all the difference in gaining a speedy and positive resolution to disputes. We never forget that our clients are spending their money to correct a wrong or defend themselves from claims.

We represent claimants and defendants and will negotiate on your behalf, issue or respond to proceedings and represent you in the courts if the need arises. We will work closely with you, providing straightforward, legal advice and guide you through every aspect of your Civil Dispute Lawsuit.

We offer bespoke litigation services in a range of areas. Civil Litigation is a varied field. It is a way of resolving disputes or claims. Civil Litigation can cause all sorts of issues for our clients and we are there to assist and advise as well as support and listen with practical legal advice. Waterfords is focused on offering outstanding client care and strives to build great relationships with our clients.

We believe close contact with clients is the best way to tailor advice to the particular circumstances of each case. We avoid the levels of bureaucracy associated with some larger law firms by offering a more personal service by making ourselves available via phone or email to discuss your case at short notice and outside of regular business hours.

Waterfords Solicitors can assist in many areas including the following:

• Issues Relating to Planning Law
• Building Disputes
• Boundary Disputes
• Disputes with Neighbours
• Debt Problems
• Negligence
• Consumer Rights
• Tenancy Deposit Protection
• Contractual Disputes
• Landlord and Tenant Issues
• Bankruptcy
• Injunctions
• Professional Negligence

No Obligation Free Civil Litigation Advice

In all cases our initial advice is completely free and, of course, strictly confidential. We will assess your situation and apply the correct course of action, tailored to suit your needs.

You’re almost there!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial discussion to see if we can assist.

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