Sebah Naz Baig (Consultant)

Naz is a duty qualified Consultant Solicitor with Waterfords within the Criminal Law department. She represents Defendants at the Youth & Magistrates Court, Police Stations and Prisons. Her practice ranges from dealing with minor driving offences to the most serious offences of Fraud, Violence, Terrorism, Rape and other sexual offences. She has extensive experience in representing vulnerable persons, including those suffering from psychological and mental health problems. Naz works closely with appropriate experts in complex legal matters involving fitness to plead and insanity.

She also deals with Confiscation Proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and has successfully defended private prosecutions brought by Transport for London (TfL).

Naz is fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi ensuring effective client care for a varied client base.

Notable Cases:

R v A [2017]

Naz successfully represented a man accused of assaulting his father. Following a number of applications made to the Magistrates Court and a trial hearing conducted by Counsel, the Defendant was acquitted

R v T [2017]

The Defendant was charged with Observing a Person doing a Private Act (Voyeurism). It was alleged that for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, the Defendant had observed his work colleague doing a private act. Naz undertook extensive case preparation, including liaising with the employer’s HR team in obtaining documentation spanning over a year. Naz worked closely with Defence Counsel and the Defendant was acquitted at the Magistrates Court.[/columns]

R v O [2017]

Naz successfully represented an elderly gentleman accused of sexually touching a child. Following a full trial hearing by Counsel at the Crown Court, the Defendant was acquitted of both counts on the indictment.[/columns]

R v C [2016]

This was a particularly sensitive and delicate case. The Defendant was extremely vulnerable with severe communication difficulties in both his expressive and receptive language, extensive and significant learning difficulties and autism. He was charged with assaulting his parents and was taken into care by the social services for this alleged offence. This case became increasingly complex as a hospital order was not a suitable disposal therefore the issue of insanity was considered. Naz liaised closely with the social services, forensic consultant psychiatrists and intermerdiaries in seeking to establish whether the Defendant was labouring under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing or, as not to know what he was doing was wrong. Working particularly closely with Defence Counsel, the case was dismissed by the Magistrates Court as there was a potential abuse of process by the Crown Prosecution Service in proceeding with prosecution.

Transport for London v K [2015]

The Defendant was accused of committing a public order offence on-board a bus full of passengers, in broad daylight. He was alleged to have made threats to kill the revenue inspector and private prosecution was brought by Transport for London. The case garnered much local press attention including social media attention. Naz worked closely with Defence Counsel to prepare the case and following a trial hearing at the Magistrates Court, the Defendant was acquitted.

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